Based in Tokyo Japan (with regular trips back to London), I'm focused on developing my career as a motion graphics designer. I produce mainly 2D explainer videos (advertising as well as internal company informational), and logo animation for branding.
I have always had a passionately creative mind, and I love producing original and captivating visual experiences.


Way back, as a young boy, I was crazy about two things: Japanese video games, and design (particularly, drawing and making things). I would spend most of my time engaged in one or the other and my interest flourished through my teenage years.

As an young adult, after graduating in Product Design and 3D Design at art college in 2000, I decided to gain a completely new experience, and began a career in global business.

At Oracle (3 years) and then at Microsoft (8 years), in London and then in Tokyo, I progressed my career through several business roles to broaden my knowledge of business. Those roles, however, seldom offered opportunities to express my artistic creativity except through visual presentations limited to PowerPoint.

Most recently, between 2010 and 2015, in London and in Tokyo, I worked in Online Advertising at Microsoft, managing sales processes for digital media used in advertising.
Seeing how hugely important digital design and production has become in the online world led me to a decision to leave this business career in early 2015 and return to my design roots, this time as a creator, allowing me to apply my artistic creativity and skills to motion graphics.